JK Trivedi inaugurating the event

Donor review visit – SUPRAJA review team visit: On 5th December 2019, Dharmapuri Area Unit had arranged a field day program at one of its operational village namely Poocharamapatti. The village is situated 35 km away from Dharmapuri district of Pennagaram block, Dharmapuri district. The team of delegates from SUPRAJA foundation included Shri J.K.Trivedi (Founder Trustee), Mr.Jaymin Trivedi, Dr. Kedar, Dr.Tagat, Mr.Suresh Krishna, the Directors of Supraja Foundation. Mr. Prasad and Ms. Radha from AME foundation participated in the program.

Round table with farmers

Around 300 farmers representing 20 operational villages of Dharmapuri area unit participated the program. Besides field day gathering, to showcase the all round progress being made in the program, stalls were established. Dharmapuri team and also other area units have set up one stall each to showcase the progress in their respective areas. In these stalls, the staff and farmers from each area explained the progress and learnings.

The field day cum review event had four distinct components – Visit to FFS field; Organisation of stalls and exhibits; field day gathering, and a exclusive round table discussion with review team.

The roundtable with farmers focused on the following aspects: collective marketing advantages; traditional seed selection processes; the practices learnt for the first time including yellow sticky traps, growing mixed crops with understanding of benefits to soils; the learning methods of FFS; the knowledge sharing between units which may not be as well as their local suitability like innovative equipment designs, crop choices and nurseries. While appreciating very highly the empowering learning displayed by the communities, the criticality of data maintenance to highlight significant impacts was highlighted by the Founder Trustee. The event was covered in two daily newspapers and two TV channels.