Projects executed by AME Foundation

Our programme focus is on improving farm livelihoods through improving productivity in dryland areas. This is achieved through

  • Promoting sustainable agriculture in drylands through systematic combination of in-situ rain water management, soil fertility improvement, crop and cropping practices, together with support activities like generating and recycling manurial biomass through LEISA approaches.
  • Promoting resource conserving methods like System of Rice Intensification (SRI) in irrigated paddy, rainfed paddy, ragi and red gram.
  • Integrating supplementary income generating activities for sustainable livelihoods.
  • Guiding farmers through season-long Farmer Field Schools.
  • Building capacities of rural youth in sustainable agriculture.
  • Building capacities of NGOs in SA and FFS enabling scaling up.
  • Wider dissemination of field experiences on ecological agriculture through LEISA India magazine.

Our programme achievements

  • Alternative farming practices and FFS curricula developed for 13 crop based farming systems
  • AME has been recognized as a pioneer in promoting Ecological Agriculture with farming communities through participatory processes, like PRA, PTD and FFS.
  • Besides building capacities of NGOs and NGO networks, AME has fostered stakeholder concerted action platforms like Groundnut Working Group and Cotton Round Table.
  • AME has been identified as a resource organization in several national and international initiatives on Sustainable Agriculture.