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About Us

AME Foundation is a resource organization, motivated by a deep-going concern for improving the farm livelihoods in fragile ecosystems.

Twenty five years ago, in 1982, AME was set up in The Netherlands, in response to worldwide concerns regarding environmental degradation, in the wake of the Green Revolution. It migrated to Pondicherry, India, in 1986, intensifying its hands-on training in sustainable agriculture. With a growing realization of the importance of rehabilitating the resource poor farmers in fragile dry farming situations, it moved on to the Deccan Plateau, based in Bangalore, in 1994. AME was transformed into a charitable Indian Trust, as AME Foundation, in 2001. As a resource organisation, it is now engaged in enabling interested agencies and farmers groups in promoting sustainable agriculture in the States of Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu.

AMEF is promoting Sustainable Agriculture in dry lands through combination of NRM and ICM practices on the same farm – rain water management, soil fertility improvement, diversified and improved cropping practices, supplemented by encouraging farmers to grow shrubs and trees on farm for meeting income, fodder and manurial needs. Most importantly, backed by farmer-centric learning processes like PTD & FFS and building rural youth as farm guides.