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AME Foundation has been facilitating Knowledge exchange on agroecology since 25 years. One of the flag ship programmes has been LEISA India Programme. LEISA India is published by AME Foundation with support of ILEIA (1999-2011) and MISEREOR (From 2011 onwards). LEISA (Low External Input Sustainable Agriculture) was an approach introduced in the late 80’s based on sound agroecological principles. LEISA India, a thematic magazine, includes practical field based experiences from all over India. It includes select experiences from international contexts too. Besides sending Call for articles on distinct themes, it sources relevant experiences from potential field institutions and individuals. It improves received articles through didactic editing and extensive interactions with the authors to make the experiences inspiring and emulatable. LEISA India articles, numbering more than 1000, can be searched and accessed on www.leisaindia.org. LEISA India magazine has evolved as a preferred platform for sharing practical experiences by those involved in the field. The authorship as well as readership includes literate farmers, NGOs, development workers, research institutions, academics, and the Government agencies. The content and the production quality has been appreciated as highly relevant by diverse groups as indicated by periodic reader surveys conducted.  

Special Translated Editions

Over several years, it has built a network of several interested agencies to strengthen the movement of sharing practical experiences in different languages.

LEISA India, besides quarterly English edition, publishes quarterly special translated editions in seven Indian languages regularly (Kannada, Telugu, Tamil, Hindi, Punjabi, Marathi and Oriya . The consultants involved in the joint production are: Hindi (GEAG); Tamil (Kudumbam, LEISA network TN); AME Foundation (Telugu and Kannada); Punjabi (Kheti Virasat Mission), Marathi (Yuva Rural Association). Several other professionals too were involved over two decades in designing and coordinating the various editions.









Systematic Documentation and Communication

Besides the magazine, the editorial team has been helping development organisations, national as well as international, in capturing, systematic documentation and communication of field based experiences on agroecology.

LEISA India team has been guiding organizations in documenting their field experiences. We strongly believe that a long term support is crucial in helping organizations pick up the skills and nuances of documentation. One off training events are just not an answer to this issue. Therefore LEISA India team has been supporting field level organizations, both in India as well as in other countries by providing long term hand holding support.  We have guided organizations like ORRISSA, KIRDTI, DULAL in Orissa and Caritas, BARCIK and BIA in Bangladesh.

LEISA India team has also been supporting in bringing out event specific publications. We have supported donor organizations like MISEREOR, Germany and CARITAS, India in bringing out special publications.

Documentation products