Join Us

Join Us

Behind the work that we do at AMEF, there is a team tirelessly striving to change the lives of poor farmers living in fragile ecosystems. If you want to contribute to our mission, you are welcome to work with us.

Working for an NGO in general and for farmers development in particular calls for a different set of competencies. If you feel you have at-least four of the following competencies/qualities in you, you may reach out to us.

  • Have passion for ecological farming/organic agriculture
  • Have training/expertise in sustainable agriculture
  • Have programme management skills
  • Am a good trainer
  • Have good writing skills in English
  • Have good editing skills
  • Can work in teams
  • Can communicate well orally in English and in Kannada/Tamil
  • Comfortable with Microsoft Office tools – Word/Excel/Access/Powerpoint
  • Can work in rural areas in Karnataka/Tamil Nadu

Interested? Email us your resume at

We will contact you based on availability of opportunities within the organization.